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Mighty Shady New Year's Eve
Strong Like Bear
Secret Freedom
Come Unity
Brazilian 2wins
Mars Meusic
Aquamarine Dream Machine
Mike Adams at His Honest Weight
Doctor Dentist
Skull Fist
Elm Street
Night Demon
7 Minutes in Heaven
Austin Jones
The Millennium
The Resolution
GANZA 8:30
The Poison Control Center
Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires
Quick Piss
Hot Club of Cowtown
The Vahnevants
DJ DJ Tanner
Waka Winter Classic
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Lonely Cub & Our Friends the Insects

Fri, December 19, Doors: 5:00 pm - Show: 5:45 pm - All Ages - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Through a wide variety of stylistic influences and an ever-changing lineup, Lonely Cub & Our Friends the Insects create music that borrows from punk, folk, pop, psychedelia, and even the tiniest sprinkling of hardcore. It is (we hope) a little something for everyone.
Culture Chester
David Goes to Boarding School

John The Bastard

Fri, December 19, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Four men met in the pits of hell, surrounded by the bodies of the fallen, they formed a pact as they ripped and tore their way from the flames licking the soles of their feet.
Skin of Earth
The Wych Elm


Sat, December 20, Doors: 4:30 pm - Show: 5:00 pm - All Ages - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
the Missing Letters
the Shrooks

Peas and Carrot

Sat, December 20, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
We are a band made of hard working thrill seeking IOWAN blood!!!!!!! With a sound that you've never heard before. It's a blend of folk and punk roots that come together in a rockin little trio. Our theory on this project (and anything else really) is that we are all in this together.
Brooks Strause


Sun, December 21, Doors: 6:00 pm - Show: 6:00 pm - All Ages - $5
YHaD presents...
Born 1991, Subjec1ne is a talented young Independent Hip-Hop artist from Des Moines Iowa. With a style all his own he has quickly created a buzz of being the next big artist to be discovered in the midwest. His style of music has been compared to artist like J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and even multiplatinum selling artist Drake. Subjec1ne is a member of "YHaD" which stands for Young High and Dope. He has recently released a mixtape titled "Reinvented" that has been classified as one of the best projects to come out of the midwest region in the past ten years. Subjec1ne has been creating and studying music since he was eight-years old he grew up listening to artist like Jay Z, Nas, Andre 3000, amongst other lyrical artist. His inspirations come from real life encounters and artist that explain vivid pictures of reality. " I want to make music that makes you feel something" Subjec says " I want people to feel like I am speaking directly to them I take pride in the music I make". Subjec1ne's ultimate goal is to be considered as one of the best to ever pick up a mic and he is determined to do so.
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MaZoo Birthday Bash

Sun, December 21, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $12  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Come party and celebrate with DMI's most Notorious Female Rap Artist MAZOO on her Born Day!!!! Special guests will be announced in the coming days but you def dont want to miss this!!!!!!!

Lucca Soria

Tue, December 23, Doors: 8:30 pm - Show: 9:00 pm - 21+ - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Lucca Soria is a singer songwriter from Minburn, Iowa who writes Americana / Folk songs about living in the United States.
John Pope
Nicholas Buckton

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